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The New England Council of Latin American Studies was founded in 1969 at a meeting at Wellesley College led by David Haberly (Harvard University), H. Jon Rosenbaum (Wellesley College), and Arpad von Lazar (Tufts University’s Fletcher School). The purpose of the organization, as stated in its first constitution adopted in November 1970, was to “foster and develop interests in Latin American studies by scholars, researchers, teachers, students, and general public primarily located in the New England region, to encourage more effective training, teaching and research in Latin American affairs, and to facilitate greater exchange within the region of information and ideas through lectures, forums, seminars, conferences and publications.” NECLAS held its first annual meeting at Brandeis University on November 14,1970. It was formally incorporated and granted tax-exempt status in the Commonwealth of Massachussets in July of 1973. 

NECLAS aims to be a highly personal, friendly, inclusive, and collaborative organization that is accessible to all who are interested in learning more about Latin America and its descendants. We welcome the participation of individuals from across academic and professional institutions, ranks, disciplines, methodologies, and traditions.

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2022 Winner

Hannah Greenwald,

Now I Walk on Foreign Soil: Settler Colonialism in Argentina’s

Southern Borderlands, 1867-1899
Ph.D. Dissertation, Yale University, 2022


Past Winners

2021 - Daniel McDonald, Brown University, Peripheral Citizenship: The Popular Politics of Rights, Welfare, and Health in São Paulo, 1964-1990

2019 - Co-Winners - Rachel Nolan, Children for Export, NYU; Santiago Muñoz Arbeláez, The New Kingdom of Granada; Yale University

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